Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Moving

   As I read Amanda’s prompt last Friday, I kept wondering if I had any to match the theme. Weekend was super busy with us participating in our first ‘trunk or treat’ at our son’s school as part of family Halloween event and while it was a lot of fun, it was a good amount of work as well! We also had Diwali and while it rained all day, we still managed to get the twinkling lights on the balcony and light some ‘diyas’  (traditional clay lamps used in the Indian subcontinent). This afternoon, a tiny window of what could be called “me time” took me by surprise and I started looking through old photos for this week’s  Friendly Friday Photo Challenge. I was surprised to not only find pictures that would definitely fit, but also photos I had totally forgotten about. It brought a big smile to my face and in my mind, I thanked Amanda for the topic! She is moving into her new home soon and I am so happy for her to begin this new phase.

   Moving can be interpreted in so many ways, as Amanda has rightly  suggested…from literal to metaphorical- from moving objects to capturing something from a moving vehicle,  moving (special) moments, photos that capture moments from perhaps a day of moving like the first dinner on that day  in your new place, the stack of moving boxes that are unsightly but nonetheless so crucial- the list can be an exhaustive one! I found a great amount of photos that could be part of this theme and for a moment I was tempted to post all, but on second thoughts, I decided it might be a bit too much:) Still, there are quite a few!








Seasons in the sun- Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter







You may Stop but Move you must






For the tourists and locals, in and around New York (for visiting the Statue of Liberty)




Can be seen around Central Park, NY




Doors of the three apartments we have lived in






From a moving car






Inside the airport (a place of constant movement) at Minneapolis



An evening walk



Two people who would move Heaven and Earth for me-my parents. And I, for them.



The Statue of Liberty that symbolizes not only freedom and liberty but so much more. A beacon of hope for people on the move, looking for hope and a better tomorrow.




We need one for sure!




The one thing that constantly keeps moving- Time



I realized just now that this post probably  has the most photos! Wow…I certainly didn’t think so on Friday:)

Thanks for stopping by!



4 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Moving

  1. Forestwood says:

    Fascinating collection, Moon. I love the decorative key! And the second front door. Such a contrast with the first door.
    Nice to see your parents in the photo. It sounds like you have a very close relationship with them. Do they live nearby?.
    It was sweet of you to join in despite a busy week.
    Cheers from Australia

    Liked by 1 person

  2. acacophonouslife says:

    Thank you Amanda. The first door is of our tiny semi-basement apartment in the student housing complex of the University of Minnesota we graduated from here! I liked your observation a lot…the doors do indicate not just physical moving from one apartment to another, but also some stages in our lives…from poor grad students to getting a job and moving to a better apartment to being able to afford another bit better one. I do have a very close relationship with my parents and my day still feels incomplete if I don’t get to talk to them everyday, even if it’s a simple hi:) Unfortunately they live almost 8000 miles away, in Kolkata, India.
    You are having a little bumpy stretch with moving, I read and you still hosted the challenge…thank you for that. Sending you positive thoughts and a hug…wholeheartedly wishing for you to be able to settle in nicely in your new home soon!


  3. Manja Mexi Mexcessive says:

    26 is a good number. 😀 I think you’ve beaten me…

    I love your interpretations and the mix of personal and general. The first four are excellent, as are the ones from the car, and I really like this: “You may Stop but Move you must.” Quite! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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