December photo a day challenge: Goodbye December

Often, many things are not part of our plan. And how we deal with that is what we defines us- the past, present and future of it- the whole of it. As we are set to turn the pages of our calendars, many of us are reflecting on the year that was, many are focusing on new year resolutions. While I am thankful for the opportunities that we have had as a family and the growth, however big or small, that has happened because of that, I am also mindful of the dashed hopes and anxious moments that have occupied a good portion of the year. We have persevered through the good and the bad and the ugly…we all have.

The world is at a turning point, it seems…people with narrow and vested ideologies, insincere interests and divisive thoughts are on the rise and in power all over the world. But if you think about it, revolutions are taking place from within tiny lanes to the big cities…the youth is taking charge and those who had fought valiantly and sacrificed more than we can think of to give us what we enjoy today, are cheering on for them. The promise of a better tomorrow for the future generations is in our hands and we sure have a long way to go but I believe those tiny steps are being already taken. It’s time to take note of what will keep our beautiful earth from perishing because of some selfish people and time to open hearts and minds to those who look different and maybe believe in a different God. Our kids are watching and we owe them a lot better than what we are currently doing.

My hope for my family and for all of us is that may we engage in conversations that are not only tickle our funny bones but also make us think beyond that point in time, may we listen to music that make us groove, read books that stir something deep within us. If, as they say, we are the collective of every experience that we have had, let us dream big and paint bold, love a bit more fiercely, show more compassion and keep on marching to fight the good fight!

I had hoped, just like last year, to capture the sunset of the last day of the year and just like last year could not get one this time too. It rained for the most part today. And when it stopped later in the afternoon, I went to this nearby field that has this barn with this very powerful message…it is one of my favorite places to go to unwind. I have photographed this place before and so, as I was looking for something to share on this forum and a sunset was my choice, plans got changed and I took this photo instead. It speaks, in my mind, volumes about our current topsyturvy state of affairs and guides us with a simple message.



“Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, ‘it will be happier”:                                                     Lord Alfred Tennyson.


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Thanks for stopping by. We wish you all a very happy and peaceful year ahead:)

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