A little bit about me:

   Hi! I am Basabdatta (I also go by my nickname Moon -there is a story behind this and I will maybe get to that later sometime) and welcome to my blog! Currently, I live in New Jersey with my husband Neel and our two kids. I have known him since high school but we did not start dating till much much later! Spending time with our little ones and watching them grow has been my most rewarding experience. I am passionate about photography and cuisines from around the world and have a special fondness for the time that has gone by since it inspires me to be a better person. As a family, we love to go to the beach and read stories:)

A bit about the blog:

   In our mostly messy lives, there seems to be an underlying struggle between the haves and have not-s, the do-s and the don’t-s, the want-s and the can’t-s. Navigating through these to the best of our abilities while a strange concoction of joy and despair keeps us drunk enough to enjoy it, is perhaps what living probably is all about. And so here I am, to dig through memories and share anecdotes from when I was growing up, my adventures with our little ones, my feeble attempts at photography, discovering the joys of cooking, and life in general as it unfolds in all its craziness and glory alike-in an effort to sift through memories that I knowingly and unknowingly have created.

   I think we all have stories that bind us in ways more than we often are aware of and that shared narrative interests me! I am curious to see how this goes and I hope you will guide and inspire me along the way!